The HelpMeHand Design Features

The Logo - No Words Required


The HelpMeHand’s unique logo combines the shape of the human hand as if being raised in the air, with the octagon shape of a STOP sign incorporated into the palm of the hand. This allows the HelpMeHand to be used worldwide because there is no language barrier. Just “raise your hand” when you want someone to STOP and HELP regardless of your specific need.

Visibility at Night

04 - HMH On Roof - Next to Speed Limit Sign - Night Reflective

The black HelpMeHand logo is printed onto a fluorescent yellow material, creating a highly visible color combination in the daytime. At night, the HelpMeHand reflects light just like road/freeway signs do. That’s because it uses one of 3M's most reflective materials used for road signs. Headlights or flashlights make the HelpMeHand “light up” in the dark.

Bi-Directional Visibility

16 - HelpMeHand Icon Mirror Left Right (No tm)

The HelpMeHand logo and reflective material are duplicated on each side of the triangle. This provides visibility from opposite directions simultaneously, such as both directions of traffic on a roadway.

Multiple Attachment & Display Methods

17 - HMH On White Car - Placing On Door

There are two pairs of integrated brackets along two edges of the HelpMeHand’s triangle shape. Each of these four brackets hold two small & powerful magnets. In most use cases, all magnets remain inside the four brackets and the HelpMeHand would be attached to a magnetic surface. However, the HelpMeHand may attached to non-magnetic surfaces as well.

When Magnets Remain Inside the 4 Brackets

18 - HMH On White Car - Placing On Door

The HelpMeHand may be quickly attached to any magnetic surface – vertical or horizontal – such as the roof or the side of most vehicles. (Note: when a magnet is inside its bracket, only the plastic material of the bracket will touch the other surfaces. All magnets should be kept inside each bracket when the HelpMeHand is stored.)

Getting Creative with Magnets

03 - HMH On Car - Malibu Window

It is possible to “magnetize” the HelpMeHand to a non-magnetic surface – such as a window, a fabric convertible top, aluminum, fiberglass, or even the leaves of a tree – as long as both sides of the non-metallic surface can be accessed. This involves removing some magnets from unused brackets and positioning them on the backside of a non-metallic surface. Removing magnets from their brackets may be accomplished without tools. Please follow magnet precautionary guidelines.

Getting Creative When in Nature

20 - hiking path-mnt-robson-1190597

As mentioned above, magnets can be used in unconventional ways, such as through leaves in a tree (or through a garment, etc.). This may be needed when someone is injured or stranded in nature, marking his or her location with the HelpMeHand. Make the HelpMeHand visible for anyone searching (day or night), while the individual focuses on cover, sleep, or survival. In addition to the creative use of magnets, shoestrings or rope can also be used to attach or hang the HelpMeHand where it may be seen.

21 - HMH CAD Drawing with Magnets

Eight magnets are included with the HelpMeHand. The magnets work in pairs by attracting* toward each other as they are inserted into each bracket. The magnets may also be removed* from the brackets by pulling them apart. This tool-less insertion & removal method is part of the HelpMeHand’s patented design.

*If the magnets resist each other, then one magnet must be flipped over. Always use extreme caution when handling magnets. Please follow magnet precautionary guidelines. The magnets and the HelpMeHand assembly should not be used as toys

22 - HMH CAD Drawing Magnets In Bracket
Magnet Insertion - Side Bracket
Magnet Removal - Bottom Bracket