The HelpMeHand tells passersby that you need help.

The HelpMeHand logo says "stop and help me" without words.

Draw the attention of anyone passing by, including first responders.

Nighttime reflectivity equal to, or better than, common road signs.

The HelpMeHand tells passersby that you want help.

The HelpMeHand logo says "stop and help me" without words.

Law enforcement: Here to protect and to SERVE when help is needed.

Nighttime reflectivity equal to, or better than, common road signs.

When you need HELP, raise your Hand.

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A HelpMeHand® should be stored in every vehicle. It is a unique sign that, when attached (magnetically) to the outside of a vehicle, indicates that HELP is desired or needed.

When the need for HELP arises, simply attach the HelpMeHand to an exterior surface of the vehicle, and its high-visibility colors and extreme reflectivity will be seen – day or night – from great distances by anyone within eyesight.

HELP Make a Difference.

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Your purchase of the HelpMeHand will HELP iHn Creations serve people in need. Our mission is to use profits to provide financial independence and supportive programs to those who are broken, marginalized, dismissed, or disadvantaged. We believe that people are not defined by their past mistakes, developmental differences, socioeconomic status, or life circumstances.

Accordingly, your product purchase will HELP us improve the lives of those who need second chances, special assistance, and extra support in life. We are focused on serving those who have developmental disabilities, are faced with homelessness or poverty, recovering from addiction, or were formerly incarcerated.

Grace is not earned, it’s given.

Your HelpMeHand purchase will HELP make a difference!  Visit the iHn Creations website for more information.


The HelpMeHand – One Product for Multiple Uses

Although its primary purpose is to signal when roadside assistance is needed, there are several situations where the HelpMeHand may be utilized, both on and off road. Here’s a list of scenarios where the HelpMeHand may come in “handy”:

Roadside Assistance

For engine troubles, a flat tire, running out of gas, a collision (even with an animal), or a medical emergency, display the HelpMeHand on your vehicle while staying in the comfort of your vehicle, or take shelter away from the roadway, while the HelpMeHand “waves down” other motorists for you.

Parking Lots

Whether you need a jump start from a passerby, or to make your vehicle easy to find by the tow truck driver you called, just display your HelpMeHand to be easily noticed.

On the Water

Boaters have unexpected issues just like motorists. Injuries are common with water sports as well. Display your HelpMeHand for other boaters to come to your aid, or to mark your vessel after you’ve called for assistance.

Outdoor Recreation

Accidents, illness, & medical emergencies can happen anywhere (i.e., camping, hiking, biking or hunting). Before heading out on your next adventure, pack a HelpMeHand in case you need to to alert others to your location & need for assistance. Hang it from a tree or attach it to your tent - it might the only thing noticed by a search team, especially at night.